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Shingles... Still?

That's because: nobody has told you about our extra strength oregano oil for eliminating shingles naturally.

If you use Ethical Care's Extra Strength Oregano Oil you will be completely satisfied with your purchase - 100% GUARANTEED! Or your Money Back. Learn more

If you use Ethical Care's Extra Strength Oregano Oil you will be completely satisfied with your purchase - 100% GUARANTEED! Or your Money Back.



Shingles? It’s Time to Buy Oregano Oil

As a natural shingles remedy oregano oil contains highly potent anti-microbial properties exclusive to origanum vulgare L. (oregano). 25x more effective than origanum marjoram (oregano), extra strength oregano oil also contains a powerful synergistic blend of antibiotic, anti-fungal and special antiviral attributes designed to remedy shingles from the inside-out. In regard to stopping shingles outbreaks, oregano oil suppresses the varicella-zoster virus and scrambles its DNA at immediate cellular contact. A far smarter way to treat shingles than pain-staking and costly long term relief.

All it takes is ingesting few drops of oregano oil sublingually (under tongue) 3x daily – according to Dr. Ingram. To add to that, oregano oil boosts immunity when ingested and begins empower the immune system. But that’s far from all. As with all essential oils oregano oil remarkably permeates through the blood-brain barrier to also de-activate and eventually destroy viral pathogens lying dormant – which indirectly treats and prevents the headache, cold, pain, flu, blisters and rash.

Scientifically proven in lab experiements at Georgetown University, oregano oil from origanum vulgare L. (extra strength) rivals antiviral drugs to the extent where professor Harry G. Preuss (MD) and Dr. Cass Ingram advocate this “miracle oil” over prescription drugs. Although there are no side effects to worry about the one and only downside to oregano oil is that it can take up to 12x longer to work. Other than that it’s definitely something to consider, especially if suffering from shingles – a condition caused by a viral pathogen that’s hiding within delicate nervous tissue.

  • Oregano oil helps to eradicate pathogens: fungal, bacterial, parasitic and viral infections naturally
  • Oregano oil helps to boost immunity against foreign micro-organisms naturally
  • Oregano oil helps to restore a strong immune system after approx. 48 weeks naturally

At such great value why not buy 10x extra strength oregano oil at just $260 instead of just 1 at normal price? As a solely online based company we’re offering you with great value for money – it’s time to “zap” shingles back naturally!

Oregano Oil
  • Helps you to eradicate pathogens.
  • Helps you to lose weight.
  • Indirectly boosts inner peace.
Be Satisfied

When using oregano oil your body, mind and spirit will thank you – or your moneyback.

Oregano Oil

Why not purchase oregano oil right now? It’s great for your health and wellbeing.